Alqurantest is a platform through which you can fulfil your wishes to memorise and teach the Quran.


My name is Dr Tarek El-Kiki.

Like many others, l have tried to memorise the Quran for years but found it a difficult task especially after missing the golden age of childhood. As a father of five, I was inundated with worldly commitments which prevented me from taking the time required to not only memorise but also to consolidate verses and chapters I had memorised of the Quran.

As a scholar in computing science and during my role as a university lecturer, I used various methods to assess my students' knowledge and understanding of the content I was teaching. These included preparing challenging online tests. Thanks to constructive feedback I received from students, I was able to fine-tune these tests, which later helped other students master the subjects I was teaching them.

It then occurred to me that the same method could be applied to aid Quran memorisation, and you can guess the rest.

This project has taken me an unprecedented 7 years to complete. This is in part owing to technical difficulties I encountered along the way. For example, because the Arabic scripts in test questions include diacritical marks (tashkeel), I faced hundreds of bilingual programming problems that needed to be resolved. I also had to analyse the words of each verse in relation to their root word in order to derive relevant question content.

Nonetheless, being immersed in the verses of the Quran and beholding the beauty of their meanings and structures has been such a unique experience. I pray that users of this website have a similar experience of the Quran's sweetness and feel motivated to complete their memorisation of this Holy Book while being spared of the hardships I've had to face.

I am confident that users will appreciate the unique content I am providing on this website; seeing it in its final form has made me overlook all the troubles and sleepless nights I've had to endure to achieve it.

The Alqurantest website is the first project of the International Institute for Quran Education (IIQE), a registered charity and not-for-profit Australian organisation. IIQE also aims to make learning of the Quran and Arabic language more accessible to Muslims by establishing thousands of schools around the world. In order to fulfil this vision, we need the sincere cooperation and support of individuals, organisations and states who believe in and share the same vision as us.

I ask Allah that He accepts my efforts and service of the Quran, and that they contribute abundantly to my scale of good deeds on the Day of Judgement.

Dr Tarek El-Kiki


Deep respect and gratitude to the work team who professionally structured this website from the scratch:

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