General Questions

Q. What is this website about?

A. This website is a unique platform that enables Muslims to test and consolidate their memorisation of the Quran through more than 38,000 tests with over 500,000 questions of various types.
A. No, but you can use this website to thoroughly test and consolidate your memorisation of the Quran through the large array of questions provided.
A. The tests on this website do not require an understanding of Arabic, as the instructions of each question can be inferred. For example, when presented with a fill-in-the-blanks question, you can infer that you will need to place each word or phrase in its correct place.
A. Absolutely. The tests provided on this website are differentiated to meet the needs of all its users irrespective of their stage in memorising the Quran.
A. Before using this website, we recommend that you get into a daily or weekly routine for memorising the Quran that you can comfortably commit to over the long term. For example, if you find memorising half a page every day too overwhelming, it would be best that you commit to memorising just a few verses. Once you have completed a whole Surah or Juz, take the relevant test to self-evaluate your memorisation. The detailed feedback provided at the end of each test will allow you to pinpoint the specific verses or passages of Quran that need more work. You can also increase the difficulty level of tests to assess your memorisation more rigorously.
A. Yes, you need to subscribe to access the tests on this website.
A. Usage-based subscription means that you wouldn't be charged for the days you did not log into this website. For example, if you subscribe for 10 days, and only logged in on 2 days, you can access the website for another 8 days whenever you like.
A. No, the minimum number of days for subscription is 5.
A. Remaining or unused days of your subscription will be kept in your account indefinitely until you use them.
A. No. Please refer to our Refund Policy which clearly states refund conditions.
A. Yes. The system enables you to choose when to be notified according to the number of remaining days in your subscription. You can choose to be notified when 15 days or less remain in your subscription.
A. Yes, from time to time, promotional bonuses are offered, which provide free or discounted subscriptions.
User Types
A. Normal users subscribe for themselves only. Premium users subscribe not only for themselves, but also for others ('sub-users').
A. Yes, you can enable multiple users to access this website by subscribing as a premium user. A flat rate of $1 AUD per day is charged for each user.
A. This is a utility available to premium users. They can donate sub-user accounts to another party through the 'Create Sub-User Accounts' option, which can be found in the dropdown menu under their username on the homepage. Once these sub-users are added, you can send them their temporary usernames and passwords to initiate their accounts and start using the website. It is totally up to you to renew their subscriptions later on.
A. To register to the website, you need to provide your name, email address and country of residence. We do not collect any further personal details such as date of birth, gender and address, and we do not share registration details to any other party as clearly stated in our Privacy Policy.
A. To register as a normal user, click on 'Login' on the homepage, then select 'Sign Up'. You need to fill out all the fields on the 'Register' form and agree to the Terms of Use before clicking 'Sign Up'. When this is done, you will receive two email messages: one to activate your email address, and the other to provide you with a temporary username and password, which you will use to log into the website. Once you log in, you will need to change both the username and password according to your preference. The username must be unique with no spaces, and the password must be at least 8 characters long. Both the username and password must be in Latin alphanumeric characters. Non-Latin characters will be rejected.
A. To register as a premium user, you must first register as a normal user as explained above, then you can upgrade to premium through your subscription info page. Clicking on the green 'Subscribe as a Premium User' button will display a confirmation dialog box. Once you click OK, your subscription will be immediately upgraded to premium.
A. No, you cannot. Only English (Latin alphanumeric) characters may be used for both the username and password.
A. Registration is not the same as subscription. Registration simply means you have successfully created an account on the website. In order to access tests, you must subscribe, which is to purchase a service after registration.
Sub-User Creation/Subscription
A. Yes. You can do so by purchasing a premium user subscription. Once subscribed, you can add your students as sub-users on your account through the following steps:
  1. Go to the 'Create Sub-User Accounts' page through your account menu. Here, you can add the desired number of students. The system will provide a unique temporary username to each of your students, which they will need to change to a permanent one upon logging into the website for the first time.
  2. Enter the email addresses of all your students. The system will use these email addresses to send two messages to each student: one for activating their email address, and the other for giving them a temporary username and password. If, for any reason, you do not add your students' email addresses at this step, you can still create your sub-user accounts, but the temporary usernames and passwords of these accounts will instead be sent to your own email address, all in one message.
  3. Add the desired number of days for subscription or resubscription. This can be equal to or more than 5 days. You can click on the 'Copy to All' link to allocate the chosen number of days to all of your sub-users at once. If you make a mistake in one record, you can delete it using the orange bin icon. You can even delete all records in one go by clicking on the 'Delete All' link.
Before clicking on the 'SUBSCRIBE' button, you need to select a payment method and mark the checkbox to agree to the website's Terms of Use. At this point, the new sub-users will be added to your account.
A. Yes. As a premium user, you are in charge of all your sub-users, which means that you subscribe and resubscribe for them.
A. Any user can add promotion bonuses to their own account. So, it is up to you to pursue promotion bonuses, not your premium user.
Test Results
A. All your taken tests results can be found in the 'Taken Tests History' page in the menu under your name.
A. You can take any test as many times as you like. Bear in mind that whenever you reattempt a particular test, some of the questions may be changed.
A. Yes, you can delete any of your test results. You can even delete individual attempts of a particular test.
A. You can allocate tests to your sub-users through the following steps:
  1. Go to 'My Folders' and add the number of Test Folders needed using the green 'Add Folder' button. Only one folder can be added at a time. If you make a mistake in naming the folder, you can delete that folder using the 'Delete Folder' bin icon then create another. You should name your folders appropriately. For example, you can name your folders after your sub-users' names, cities, countries, genders, ages, groups, classes, etc.
  2. Once you created all your Test Folders, you can add tests to each folder. This is done by clicking on the desired folder to select it. In the 'My Selected Tests' panel on the right side of the screen, you will see only the '+' button, which will take you to the 'All Tests' page when clicked. You can find specific Test Folders by navigating through the entire tree of tests, or by searching for them. To add a test, simply click on the small blue folder icon that appears in the lower right corner of the test button. Please note that the small blue star icon that appears in the upper right corner of the test button will add the same test, or any other test, to the 'Favourites' folder on your 'My Folders' page. Once you have finished adding tests to one folder, you need to click on the orange 'Go Back to My Folders' button in order to return to the 'My Folders' page. Here, you will find that all selected test have been added to the folder that you have already opened.
Test Sharing
A. No.
A. No.